Eagle's Eye: Mampi Das

The world came to know of Mampi Das in September 2012, when she matched the world record score of 400/400 in women’s air rifle event during the National selections trial at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex. It was only the third time that an Indian woman shooter had shot a perfect score. Suma Shiroor had performed the feat in 2004 at the Asian Shooting Championships in Kuala Lumpur to enter the record books. Driving the inspiration to reach this amazing feat from Shalini Chahar, a fellow shooter who shot 399 gave Mampi Das a platform of a friendly rivalry to bring out her best. Even though her amazing effort wasn't taken into consideration as a world record since the national and selection trials were not taken into account by the International Shooting Sports Federation, Lakshya was all out there for her, reaching out with a helping hand.

Lakshya, an organization which seeks out athletes who lack economical support and help them, provided Mampi Das with all the necessary equipment, health care, coaching and other basic necessities. Mampi Das after that never looked back and started making big strides in her game.

Here is a list of her achievements:
- She won a Gold medal for 10 meters air rifle team held at Junior Shooting Championship, Suhl in Germany.
- In September 2013, during national selections, she matched the world record score of 400/400 in Women’s Air Rifle Event held at Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune.
- At 2013 Asian Youth Games, held at FangShan Shooting Hall, China, she secured 6th position.

Born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal, she took up shooting at the mere age of 11. She was fortunate to have supportive parents even though they didn't have the means for a sport like shooting. Her father, Manik Das is a driver with the WBSRTC (West Bengal State Road Transport Corporation). She did her schooling at Christ Church Girls High School, Kolkata.

"She is, without doubt, an outstanding shooter. And Mampi balances her passion and studies with ease. She is someone who is immensely mature for her age and knows where to focus and where not to", noted Raninder Singh, president of NRAI (National Rifle Association of India).
Former shooter Jaspal Rana, who is the pistol coach of the junior Indian team, gave thumbs up for Mampi's work ethic.
"At such a young age, Mampi has a clear vision of what she wants. I don't think many are blessed with that. All that she needs now is a lot of support and the best of facilities to train. Once she receives that, you will see her performance go up even further", Jaspal said.

Since 2007, Mampi has been coached by P.T.Raghunath. Currently, she is being trained by the coach of senior Indian team - Stanislaus Lapidus. She is seen as a strong candidate in Shooting for the next Olympics.

Lakshya is proud of her and her achievements and hopes that she excels in every point she aims. Mampi is the bright new hope for Indian shooting.

The “GRAND” Master

The “GRAND” Master
Vidit Gujrathi, the fourth Indian to ever cross the rating of 2700, attained the title of Grandmaster by doing so at a mere age of 18. Vidit Gujrathi was born on 24th October 1994. He started his coaching from an early age. He displayed a high level of genuineness and started making his name in national competitions.

Lakshya, an organization which is always in search for talented athletes with an aim to support them with everything which they lack, approached Vidit Gujrathi and helped him with all the things he needed and gave him get on the track of success through his raw talent.


- He finished second in the Asian Youth Championship in the U12 category, thus becoming a FIDE Master in 2006.
- In 2008, he won the World Youth Chess Championship in the Sub-junior category (Open U14), becoming the first Indian to do so.
- He finished 2nd in the U-16 category of the World Youth Chess Championship in the year 2009.
- He also earned a GM norm in the NIT Nagpur GM International Open Chess Tournament 2012 in Nagpur
- In 2013, Vidit won Bronze in the World Junior Chess Championship in Turkey in the (U-20) category.
- He secured the 8th position at World Rapid Chess Tournament in Doha in December 2016.
- He finished third in the Hyderabad International Grandmasters chess tournament in 2013.
- In 2017, he finished ahead of Vishwanathan Anand, also, he took the sole second spot behind Carlsen Magnus at Isle Of Man Tournament in October.

Witness the game that made Vidit Gujrathi reach the Elo rating of 2700:

He was born in Nashik and did his schooling at Fravashi Academy. Throughout the years of his road up to grandmasters, he was also coached by IM Anup Deshmukh, IM Roktim Bandyopadhyay and GM Alon Greenfeld of Israel. GM Abhijit Kunte, who once also coached Vidit said that he was capable of reaching an ELO rating of 2700 in two to three years. Vidit lived up to his expectations and showed his geniuses. GM Abhijit Kunte also compared Vidit's gameplay and style to an Indian chess prodigy GM P.Harikrishna. Currently, he is ranked 3rd Nationally and 41st in the world.

Lakshya and Bharat Forge Limited are proud to support Vidit’s amazing talent.

Chess State of Mind: Aditya Mittal

Aditya Mittal, a student of Vibgyor High School, Malad is a chess whizz kid and an early bird who started playing at the age of 5 years. Aditya was inspired by his brother Vinayak Mittal to pursue chess. He showed a great potential in the game quickly, showing proficiency in advanced techniques, initially showing his talent and might. No surprise that he is keen on strategizing and planning ahead with a great hand eye coordination given that his next favorite thing is solving jigsaw puzzles. He managed to improve his skills over time without any help from any coach. He started conquering the scene swiftly with his outstanding talent, making his name in the sport and rising in ranks slowly.

Lakshya, an organization which helps talented and needy athletes all over the country, agnized the young latent talent. They approached Aditya Mittal and took him under their guidance and provided him with a high level of tutoring for chess. With his precise chess plays, his games seem simple, clean and clear at work and get complex as the game proceeds. After receiving training through Lakshya's help, he took off for a journey to achieve great lengths in the sport.


- He scalped an International Master in the second round and drew with a woman IM in the next, of the Mumbai Mayor's Chess tournament at the Mount Litera School, BKC.
- He defeated IM Vikramaditya Kulkarni, even though he had an injury during that match.
- He won Abu Dhabi Masters; International Chess Tournament.
- He won the both World Youth Chess Championship & Asian Youth Chess Championship.
- He was honored by The President Shri Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhavan with the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement.
-He won the Best Mumbai Player Award.
-He also has won over 100 medals including Gold, Silver, and Bronze through participating at various events.

Aditya Mittal holds the title of “Candidate Master”. He ranks 5th (Under-11) in World and 3rd (Under-11) in both Asia and India. The little champ recently made a world record by crossing the barrier of 2000 ELO points. He also has a high-quality score for every match, with a rating of 83.12. He also annotated the game between Aronian versus Rapport which was held a few months back. GM Pravin Thipsay says that he feels that Aditya Mittal will become a Grandmaster sooner than later.

Aditya Mittal is currently being sponsored by Lakshya and Sony. They provide him with coaching and travel facilities. He is very committed and practices for about 2-4 hours on weekdays and more on weekends which is the evidence of his determination. He is the most inborn and natural player one can encounter. Immensely patient, Aditya is, at the very least a reincarnation of some legendary chess player from the past. Aditya is someone whose present achievements prove that he has it in himself to take that extra mile and become a Grandmaster and a legend of our age.

The Moto Champ: Yash Aradhya

Yash Aradhya is an Indian Kart Racing driver, born on August 17, 2002, in Banglore, Karnataka. He is a prodigy kart driver who undertook the sport as a career at a mere age of 6.
Yash Aradhya says- “As a six-year-old I had a dream. A dream to drive. A love for speed. And the thirst to win. And even though it would be four years before I would take my first laps around the racing track at age of nine, there was always something that drove me toward making my dream a reality – my passion.”

After making his professional debut at Go Karting in 2012, he dominated the Indian and Asian tracks.
Lakshya approached Yash Aradhya after recognizing his raw talent. Lakshya helped Yash by providing him with necessary equipment, physicians, nutritionists and medical facilities. After developing his skills over time he started winning championships one after another. He is considered the next big thing for Indian Kart racing.
Yash Aradhya’s achievements are the one to look out for, as he may turn out to be the face of Indian Kart Racing in coming future.


- JK Tyre MMS Rotax Max National Kart Open 2013 India, March 2013
- JK Tyre MMS Rotax Max National Kart Open 2014 India, May 2014
- JK Tyre FMSCI Rotax Max National Karting Championship India 2014, June 2014

Vice Champion:-

- JK Tyre MMS Rotax Max Rookie Championship 2012, May 2012
- JK Tyre FMSCI Rotax Max National Karting Championship India 2013, May 2013
- JK Tyre MMS Rotax Max Kart Open 2016, May 2016
- JK Tyre FMSCI Rotax Max National Karting Championship 2016, May 2016


- Maximum Number of Wins in a Championship 2014, JK Tyre FMSCI Rotax Max National Karting Championship, October 2014
- Best Karter of the Year 2014, JK Tyre FMSCI Rotax Max National Karting Championship India, October 2014
- 4th in Asian Championship, Rotax Max Challenge (RMC) Asia Series, February 2014

Honors & Awards-

- ILYF Young Achiever Award 2014
- International Lingayat Youth Forum, December 2014
- Auto Track Award for Excellence in Motorsports 2014
- Auto Track India's only Motorsports and Off-Road Magazine, December 2014
- FMSCI Award for Excellence in Motorsports 2014
- Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India, May 2015
- Maximum Number of Wins in a Championship 2014
- JK Tyre FMSCI Rotax Max National Karting championship 2014, October 2014
- Best Karter of the Year 2014
- JK Tyre FMSCI Rotax Max National Karting championship 2014, October 2014
- Young Achiever Award 2015
- Rotary Club Madras East (District 3230), December 2015

Yash Aradhya currently attends Bishop Cottons Boys School, Bangalore. His aim is to reach the FIA Formula One World Championship (F1 Racing). He looks up to The Late Ayrton Senna as a MotorSport Idol. He is being sponsored by Lakshya Sports and Bharat Forge Limited (BFL), which is a Pune-based Indian multinational company involved in the automotive sector.

The aim of Lakshya is to render assistance for sports talent to illustrate and compete at highest international level and help them bring laurels to our country. Lakshya is always on a lookout, searching for talented and needy people all over the country. Any talented sportsperson can approach Lakshya foundation in order to build a better future for oneself, for the sport and for the country.

Lakshya’s Upcoming Star- Salsa Aher

Lakshya’s Upcoming Star - Salsa Aher

Cognizing the fact that in our country the biggest snag is the inadequacy of funds for the athletes, Lakshya, a brainchild of like minded sports enthusiasts took up the task of providing support for our athletes.

Born on 12th June 2001, Salsa Aher dedicated herself to Tennis at the age of 6. While training at Kedar Shah's Bounce Academy she progressed excessively. Lakshya recognised the talent of Salsa Aher, after watching her play and looking at her determination. With intensive training under the guidance of professional coach, nutritionists, psychologists, etc. provided by Team Lakshya, Salsa prepared herself for the upcoming.

We proudly announce some of her great achievements with Lakshya:

  • In 2015, Salsa ranked 1st in Maharashtra State Level U17, capturing Gold medal at School Tennis Tournament, Aurangabad.
  • She went on to win various national level tournaments. She also won the Fenesta Open in Delhi.
  • She was the Singles winner at the Under 18 in February 2017 in Nanded.
  • In March 2017, she got selected for the Indian Federation Cup Jr. team to play for the country for which she sacrificed her SSC boards exam.
  • In May 2017, Salsa won Singles U-18 title against 2nd seed Ubrani Banerjee from West Bengal and also was the U-16 Runner Up at Pune Nationals.
  • In the same month, she reached quarterfinals of Asian B1 grade ITF Junior. tournament where she earned 60 ITF Jr. points and her world Junior ranking jumped from 840 to 340.
  • She then went on to win the runner up trophy at 11th Ramesh Desai Memorial Nationals Under-16.
  • At ITF (International Tennis Federation) which was held in Thailand, she bagged the second place in Singles and qualified the pre-quarterfinals for Doubles.
  • She currently ranks No.1 in Under-16 player  and No.3 in Under- 18 at State Level.

With support from Lakshya and General Industrial Controls Pvt Ltd, Salsa  managed her expenses for trainings, physical fitness, mental toughness, diet & travel for the tournaments abroad.
Salsa Aher is making big strides, winning championships successively with hard work and perseverance.
We will soon come back with many more in her achievements list.

Sachin & siddhant shine at The Commonwealth Youth Games (Bahamas)

Sachin Siwach(boxing) & Siddhant Banthia(tennis) shine at The Commonwealth Youth Games (Bahamas)

Sachin and Siddhant have proved that hard work pays off.

Sachin Siwach and Siddhant Banthia made history by winning gold medals at the Commonwealth Youth Games Bahamas for boxing and tennis respectively. They made India proud once again with their immense practice, hard work, perseverance, dedication and support.

Sachin Siwach a 17-yr old boxer from Haryana won a gold medal in the Light Flyweight (49Kg) category after defeating James Nathan Probert of Wales at Commonwealth Youth Games. This capped a dominant performance by the Indian boxers at the games. Apart from Commonwealth Youth Games Sachin previously won a gold medal in 2016 at the Youth World Boxing Championship in St.Petersburg, beating Cuba’s Jorge Grinan. Sachin’s aim is now to win a medal in the Asian Games.

Siddhant Banthia, a very talented Tennis player bagged two medals at the commonwealth youth games. Siddhant won a Gold medal by beating Papua New Guinea’s Matthew to reach the last eight stage. He won a Bronze medal for doubles with Zeel Desai by beating a pair of Codie Schalk Van Schalkwyk and Georgina Carliz Moolman. Siddhant also won Singles and Doubles at the National Series Boys in January 2016.

They both have brought laurels to the country. Not only these two, but many Lakshya players have made India proud in different games. Players supported by Lakshay have always been in limelight because of their performances and achievements.

Just like these players, there are plenty of players in India with exceptional talent looking for support, encouragement, and sponsorship to represent India at the international platform. Lakshya provides the best facilities and various types of equipments for best performance of players. Lakshya supports players in all the fields of sports and trains them for international level.  We are always looking for players like these who are talented but not getting the right platform to showcase.

To help our players you can donate and share our fundraising campaign across social media.

All you need to do is visit  https://www.impactguru.com/fundraiser/becauseican.

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